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Welcome to Nooshooz - Innovation in Footwear


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Nooshooz specialise in unique, high quality ladies interchangeable footwear. Our shoes are all handmade in Brazil using the finest leather, silks and suedes. All of the Nooshooz range have interchangeable uppers allowing you to change the colour of your shoes to match almost any outfit.

With Nooshooz and their unique interchangeable uppers not only will you save space in your luggage, but your closets too.


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All of our designs are fully protected

There is now no need to throw out your shoes or hide them in the back of  the wardrobe just because the colour or fabric  is last season. Just change the upper with whichever  colour is hot at the moment. Just imagine ladies, 1 pair of shoes to go with all your outfits. Perfect for holidays, weekends away , space saving or just because you like them.


Nooshooz have a unique design where you buy the shoes and then decide which colours and how many colours you want... What's more, you can keep adding to your colour collection. Just add your nooshooz uppers to your wish list for birthdays, Valentines day or even your anniversary.   


If you'd like to know more about the innovative design of the Nooshooz range and for more information on how it all began, please click here.



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For any queries please call us on 01903 261806


Office hours :

Mon - Friday   9am - 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm



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